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Do you know that in Cyprus there is a common payment system for paying for public services and not only?

JCC Smart provides convenient and secure payment processing services. It allows you to make online purchases, pay for purchases in stores and restaurants, carry out banking transactions, as well as conveniently pay utility bills and taxes.

How to start working on the portal?

When paying bills in Cyprus through JCC Smart, the user needs to go through a simple registration process on the company’s portal. Then you should enter the name of the organization in the search bar, select the appropriate one and start entering personal data such as account number, amount, and date of payment. The user is provided with various payment methods, including the use of credit or debit cards, bank transfers and other available options. After the payment is confirmed, funds are transferred from the user’s account to the account.

What are the benefits of the portal?

  • The company’s portal is available online 24/7, which allows you to pay at any time and from any place with Internet access.
  • This is especially convenient as it does not require you to visit a physical office or stand in line.
  • Moreover, the portal will relieve you of the need to enter the payer’s data every time you need to make a payment, for this you just need to add organizations to your “Favorites” or pay the bill using the transaction history.
  • The company uses advanced encryption and data protection technologies to ensure the privacy of users’ personal and financial information. This is important when making financial transactions online.
  • Paying bills through JCC Smart is usually instant, avoiding the delays and hassles associated with traditional payment methods.

How to pay taxes through JCC smart?

Paying taxes is also one of the convenient features provided by JCC Smart. If you need to pay taxes in Cyprus, you can use the JCC Smart Portal for this purpose. The process of paying taxes is simple and convenient. You only need to know your car number and your ID. If you have been issued a ticket by a police officer, you can also easily and quickly pay for it through the portal using only the ticket number. To pay Road Tax, select the organization Renewal of Marketing Licenses, to pay car fines, you need to select the organization that is indicated on the resolution. Since fines in Cyprus can be issued by different organizations (Municipalities of different cities or Cyprus Police). Be careful when choosing an organization.

Thus, JCC Smart provides all the necessary tools for convenient and secure payment of utility bills, taxes, and other financial obligations in Cyprus.

The JCC Smart online portal is available 24/7, providing convenience and accessibility, while advanced data protection technologies ensure the security of your financial transactions. With JCC Smart, you can manage your payments with ease, saving time and minimizing the inconvenience associated with traditional payment methods.

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