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Road Tax and Car MOT in Cyprus

What is Road Tax?

Road tax in Cyprus is a yearly tax for the use of vehicles on the road.

Road tax determined by the size of the engine and the vehicle’s emissions.

Cost of Road Tax

Road tax fees are higher for vehicles with a larger engine size due to the release higher emissions.

The below table illustrates the engine size and the relevant annual Road Tax Fee.

DisplacementYearly Taxes
Up to 1450 cc€10.00 to €62.00
Up to 1650 cc€87.00 to €99.00
Up to 2050 cc€198.00 to €246.00
Up to 2250 cc€297.00 to €326.00
Up to 2650 cc€443.00 to €521.00+

How to Renew Road Tax

Road Tax can be paid for the whole year or every 6 months (and in some cases every 3 months).

The first payment is normally due by the end of February every year.

It can be paid online using a debit/credit card on the JCC Smart Portal.

Click on the “License Renewal” icon to proceed with the renewal process. Please note that MOT must have been completed, otherwise, the system will not allow Road Tax renewal.

Insert the last three digits of the car owner’s reference number (Identity Card number, Company’s Registration number, Passport number, Alien’s book), then proceed with the renewal period that best meets your needs and proceed with payment.

What is MOT?

In Cyprus, a Ministry of Transport Test (MOT) check is required for any vehicles older than four years.

At a licensed inspection station, the vehicle must pass a Department of Transport roadworthiness check.

Checks are made to the tires, brakes, steering, suspension, and emissions. Your car undergoes a computer exam, which lasts roughly 45 minutes, to review all the data.

Cost of MOT Inspection

As of 2020, a MOT inspection costs €35.

When to Renew MOT

Vehicles must undergo the MOT every two years. MOT inspection garages are located island wide.

You can search online for ‘MOT garages in Cyprus’ to find one near you.

The MOT must have been completed, otherwise it is not possible to renew your Road Tax.

It is important to note that it is mandated by law to have valid car insurance in the Republic of Cyprus.

Additional Information

Government Resources:

Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works

Road Transport Department

Contact Information

27 Vasileos Pavlou Street, 2412 Nicosia

Working Hours: 07:30-15:00

Tel.: +357 22807000


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