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How to rent property step by step in Cyprus?

Step 1.Search for a real estate agency
• Find an agency with a real estate license and positive reviews
• Check if the selected company has a website and read about the services offered

Step 2.Choosing an agent
• Contact the agent and describe your preferences when selecting a property
• Describe your family: number of family members, pets, children’s ages, whether you have service personnel living with you, and other important details
• Discuss possible options of real estate with the agent

Step 3.Preparation for viewing
• Familiarize yourself with the proposed properties and choose the most suitable ones
• Make sure the selected area suits you (infrastructure, location)
• Clarify basic payment details (deposit amount, what is included in the monthly payment)
• Find out if it’s possible to transfer utility bills for water or electricity to your name

Step 4.Viewing
• Pay attention to the quality of trim, possible damages
• Familiarize yourself with the availability of necessary household appliances
• Find out what heating and cooling systems are in the property
• Clarify the quality and speed of the internet in the house or area
• Make sure the windows have good quality double glazing

Step 5.Choosing real estate
• Inform the agent of your choice and discuss possible payment options
• Agree on the move-in date and rental terms
• Request a preliminary version of the contract for review

Step 6.Signing the contract
• Order your lawyer to review the contract. If you don’t have one in your contact list, ask your agent for recommendations.
• Pay attention to payment methods, as well as the procedure for terminating the contract
• Check the documents confirming the owner’s property rights
• Make sure you have signed 3 copies of the contract, 2 of which will remain with you, as you will need to submit one to the Migration Centre
• After making the payment, you will receive the keys to the property, if there were no other agreements

Step 7.Moving in
• Make sure all appliances are in working condition and you have all necessary keys
• In case of malfunctions, fix the fault
• Take a photo of the water and electricity meters, you will need readings to transfer the bills to your name

By following these steps, you can select and rent a property that meets all your needs.

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